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Mega Man #002

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Mega Man #002
MM 002 Cover
Publication Details

2 (Second)


June 14, 2011


Archie Comics

Cover price

$2.99 (United States)

Production Staff

Ian Flynn

Cover Artist

Patrick "Spaz" Spazinate (Cover)


Matt Herms (Cover)


Rich Bryant


Patrick "Spaz" Spazinate


John Workman


Matt Herms


Paul Kaminski


Mike Pellerito

First Appearances
Archie Mega Man Issue 2 is the second issue of the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. It is part two of the Let the Games Begin saga and it was released on June 2011.

This issue talks about Rock, (who eventually was turned into Mega Man in Issue #1), having to destroy one of Dr. Light's Robot Masters in which they were reprogrammed by Dr. Wily as his slaves, creating chaos on Mega City.

Official Solicitation

"Let the Games Begin!" Part Two: Rock was just a simple helper-robot. Now he's the world-saving Mega Man! Armed with only his Mega Buster, can Mega Man face down the Robot Masters? More importantly, can he face his own reservations about fighting his own kind?


Let the Games Begin: Trouble Get!

The Issue begins with two soldiers taking cover from the Robot Master. One solider was asking another soldier if they gotten any word from headquarters, in which they didn't gotten any, thinking that there no one that can stop Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters that Dr. Wily reprogrammed. Then out of nowhere, Rock, which is now known as Mega Man, teleports into downtown Mega City, and questions Dr. Light why Dr. Wily done such a problem to the city. Dr. Light tells him that Dr. Wily has many thoughts but tells Mega Man to first stop Bomb Man.The Soldiers wondered at first that Mega Man was a Robot Master but they found out that it was later Dr. Light's robots.

Although Mega Man feels nervous but also feels sorry about having to destroy Dr. Light's robot masters, although he'll online for any support. While the soldiers wondered that Mega Man is fighting against the Robot Masters, Mega Man wonders what they are doing and says hello to them, and although they eventually gotten scared, He then tells them that he'll have to continue on his job.

While trying to find Bomb Man, Mega Man encounters some "flea" like robots that were about to attack him although he tries stop them. After going away from those robots, he then sees another Robot Master, in which Dr. Light presumably thinks it was Blues. Dr. Light then realized that it was a Sniper Joe (and even questioning if Dr. Wily reprogrammed him) and then tells Mega Man to go to an Excavation Site where Bomb Man is located.

As he goes in, Bomb Man then throws bombs at Mega Man, and although he doesn't want to fight with him,  he then fires his Mega Buster at Bomb Man and wrecks him. Mega Man apologizes for destroying Bomb Man although he has to do it in order to prevent chaos from happening in Mega City. Dr. Light then orders Mega Man to touch Bomb Man as Mega Man can copy Bomb Man's weapons through a Copy Chip although he can only use one weapon at a time. Although Dr. Light will fix and reprogram Bomb Man, he then teleports Mega Man to a Quarry, where Guts Man is located.

As he finds Guts Man, Mega Man finds a helmet in which later appears to be an occupant in it (in which Dr. Light calls them "Mets"), which eventually began to fire lasers at him and also caused Mettaurs to pop out of nowhere, which Dr. Light warned about it. As he tries to find Guts Man, he then finds another robot who then attacks him with a pickaxe although he instead goes into an underground mine. As Dr. Light was about to tell Mega Man on what to do, he then loses contact with Mega Man, and then Guts Man appear. As he tries to know how to defeat him, he then tries to use a hyper bomb to destory Guts Man.

After defeating him, he then copies Guts Man's Super Arm and then was about to teleport Mega Man to another place where Cut man is located although he asks Mega Man if he needs to reacharge or something, in which Mega Man replied "No." Mega Man then gets teleported into a old facility where Cut Man is located.

As he enters into the building, Dr Light starts to burst into tears because he worried about his behavior with him destroying other robots despite being programmed to have a peaceful mind. However, he also wonders why Mega Man is betraying himself and fight against the Robot Masters in which he has to do it since Dr. Wily did the reprogramming on the Robot Master. Roll then talks with Mega Man and while he uses the hyper bomb, Roll tells him that he is not a bad robot, and that battling these robots is the only way to save everyone. Unwilling to let his sister down, Mega Man musters up the courage to defeat Cut Man using the Super Arm. Copying the Rolling Cutter from Cut Man's remains, Mega Man thanks Roll for the pep talk. Feeling like his old self, Mega Man is ready to tackle the remaining three Robot Masters.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wily is monitoring Mega Man's activity. It may seem like the Robot Masters are no match for Mega Man, but Dr. Wily has something up his sleeve...

Short Circuits

The Short Circuit begins with Dr. Wily relaxing and drinking his lemonade while Cut Man begins to cut out bushes. Then, it switches over to a grand opening of Dr. Wily's factory with Cut Man cutting the ribbon. After that, it goes to a barber shop where Cut Man asks Dr. Wily if he can fight Mega Man in which he said in a later time and orders Cut Man to cut Willy's hair. Cut Man then asks the fans to send feedback.

Short Circuits 02