Quotation1-1- Speed has NOTHING to do with it. That's just how you lesser robots perceive my Time Stop. Quotation2-1-
Flash Man, Mega Man #011
Flash Man
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Flash Man, from Mega Man #011.
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Flash Man, or known by his serial number DWN-014, is one of the Robot Masters created by Doctor Albert Wily in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. Created by the design models of Time Man, Flash Man first appeared in Mega Man #008, as one of the second wave of Robot Masters–Wood Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, and Quick Man–that were sole purposely created to destroy Rock "Mega Man" Light.

Flash Man's Master Weapon, the Time Stopper, allows him to stop time for as long as he wants. It is a direct upgrade to Time Man's Time Slow.


Time Keeps Slipping

MM 08 Second Robot Masters

The second wave of Robot Masters stand ready and complete.

Flash Man was created after the events of both Let the Games Begin and Time Keeps Slipping. Dr. Albert Wily, furious for losing the original line of Robot Masters, decided to created his own line of Robot Masters that were made only to destroy Mega Man. Based off of the designs of Time Man, Flash Man was completed in an unknown time period during the post-Time Keeps Slipping event at the currently-constructed-Wily Castle 2. Flash Man and his brothers–Wood Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, and Quick Man–then had stand ready to take down Mega Man, but unbeknownst to any of the Robot Masters, Wily has another plan in store if all else fails. (MM #008)

The Return of Dr. Wily

MM 11 Quick Betrayal

Flash Man being killed by Quick Man.

Shortly after Mega Man was ambushed by Quick Man, Flash Man was the seventh Robot Master that Mega Man encountered, in which Mega Man found Flash Man at the Gem Mine. Damaged from fighting the six other Robot Masters, Mega Man tried to avoid any fighting with the robots in the Gem Mine. When Mega Man came to Flash Man, the Robot Master was shocked at how quiet Mega Man was to getting here. However, Flash Man was also disappointed, as his robots worked hard to set up the defenses. Using the Time Stopper Master Weapon, Flash Man was nearly invincible until Mega Man's helmet came off, showing Mega Man's hair. Flash Man, jealous at Mega Man for having hair, was then quickly assassinated by a nearby and impatient Quick Man via his Quick Boomerang attack. (MM #009, #011)

Spiritus Ex Machina

MM 16 Robot Army

Wily's army stand ready.

With Mega Man defeating Dr. Wily's endgame in hand, Dr. Wily escaped to the Amazon Jungle during the course of the Spiritus Ex Machina story arc, where he would confront the Lanfront Ruins and the dark secret inside the said ruins: Ra Moon. However, Ra Moon would quickly steal Dr. Wily's laptop and scan all of the details within it. This then causes Ra Moon to rebuild Dr. Wily's original line of Robot Masters. Flash Man was given the memory and same integrated chip data as he had during the The Return of Dr. Wily event, but the other Robot Masters with Flash Man's line had the same side-effects as Flash Man, as well. It should be noted that Flash Man also has a grudge on Quick Man for killing Flash Man. Flash Man was also with Magnet Man, Quick Man, and Shadow Man when they had found an offline-robot that Dr. Wily and Dr. Light had made years ago: Blues Light. (MM #013, #014, #015, #016)

Worlds Collide

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WWC Flash Finder

Flash Man giving Dr. Wily a Chaos Emerald.

While on patrol around the Amazon Jungle, Flash Man had found a blue mysterious emerald that he thought Dr. Wily could have used for something. However, Ra Moon mentioned the energy of the gem was powerful, giving a bit a curiosity to Wily as the scientist had scanned the gem. However, in another dimension, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik had decided to scan for his missing blue Chaos Emerald. Thus, Eggman and Wily had met each other, but Eggman berated Wily for stealing his Chaos Emerald and pirating his signal, while Wily declares that since he is the greatest evil genius on Earth, he should keep the emerald. This then made Eggman realize that Wily is from another dimension, and Eggman explained to Wily that both of their worlds are different dimensions, but have numerous similarities. This included a blue upstart that stops both of the scientist's plans. The two then realize that they both have numerous things in common, and that Dr. Eggman tells Dr. Wily to generate a new zone with the Chaos Emerald to have to two meet each other in person. (WC #01)

WWC Diabolical Army

Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman commanding their forces.

After Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily had met each other, they both reset their respective worlds with the Genesis Wave. Because of this, the world of Mega Man skipped years from its current timeline, resulting Dr. Wily to remember every Robot Master he's either built or modified from other doctors. Flash Man was among the many Robot Masters that Dr. Wily had revived, as Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman sent all of the Robot Masters (excluding the original Robot Masters) to take down Mega Man, Proto Man, Rush, and Sonic the Hedgehog with his friends. Flash Man is seen to stop Silver the Hedgehog, but is then angry at the hedgehog for having hair. With Super Armor Mega Man restoring the timeline while Super Sonic distracted Eggman from stopping the heroes to restoring their worlds, Flash Man and the Robot Masters have no reconnection to these memories. (WC #01, #8, #09, #10, #11, #12)



Having a humanoid appearance like most of the Robot Masters in both his line and the original Robot Master line made by Dr. Light, Flash Man has a color scheme of mostly blue and yellow. His helmet wraps around his face, and has a similar appearance to a light bulb. His head resembles a head of a bald man, the reason Flash Man is jealous of those who have hair. Flash Man has a gray, arm cannon on his right arm, which can be used to shoot weak laser beams.


MM 11 So.. Much.. HAIR!

Flash Man, envying Mega Man for having hair.

Flash Man typically is seen being whining and complaining, especially if it involves hair. However, while in combat, Flash Man is arrogant about his Time Stopper ability. He strives well with his robot friends to work hard on whatever task is needed. Flash Man enjoys flash cameras, but is very jealous and envious to anyone with hair. In fact, this is seen twice in the Mega Man comic series; in Mega Man #011 when Mega Man's helmet came off, and in Worlds Collide #09, when Flash Man freeze time against Silver.


Time Stopper

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Time Stopper Flash Man

Flash Man using the Time Stopper.

Flash Man's Master Weapon, the Time Stopper, is the exclusive move used by Flash Man that is used to freeze time completely, which can be very useful in hand-to-hand combat. Mega Man can also use the Time Stopper attack, as it works the exact same way as how Flash Man uses the Time Stopper. In fact, his name is based off the impression of "moving in a flash."