Quotation1-1- Does Fire Man complain about how hot he is? Because I'm supposed to be a direct upgrade on his design, and you'd think heat resistance would be part of that... I don't even want to move... Quotation2-1-
Heat Man, Mega Man #010
Heat Man
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Heat Man, from Mega Man #010.
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Heat Man, or known by his serial number DWN-015, is one of the Robot Masters created by Doctor Albert Wily in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. Created by using the designs of Fire Man, Heat Man first appeared in Mega Man #008, as one of the second wave of Robot Masters–Wood Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, and Quick Man–that were sole purposely created to destroy Rock "Mega Man" Light.

Heat Man's Master Weapon, the Atomic Fire, allows him to launch fire-based missiles at his opponents.


Time Keeps Slipping

MM 08 Second Robot Masters

The second wave of Robot Masters stand ready and complete.

Heat Man was created after the events of both Let the Games Begin and Time Keeps Slipping. Dr. Albert Wily, furious for losing the original line of Robot Masters, decided to created his own line of Robot Masters that were made only to destroy Mega Man. Based off of the model design of Fire Man, Heat Man was completed in an unknown time period during the post-Time Keeps Slipping event at the currently-constructed-Wily Castle 2. Heat Man and his brothers–Wood Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, and Quick Man–then had stand ready to take down Mega Man, but unbeknownst to any of the Robot Masters, Wily has another plan in store if all else fails. (MM #008)

The Return of Dr. Wily

MM 10 Umm.. Violence

Mega Man killing Heat Man in the face.

Shortly after Mega Man was ambushed by Quick Man, Heat Man was the third Robot Master that Mega Man encountered, in which Mega Man found Heat Man at the Geothermal Plant area. When Mega Man arrived at Heat Man's lair, the Robot Master ask Mega Man if Fire Man ever felt extremely hot before, as Heat Man was a direct upgrade to Fire Man. Mega Man then takes the opportunity to ask Heat Man if he doesn't want to fight and surrender, but the Robot Master denies, and the two robots begin to fight. Mega Man shoots from his Mega Buster to damage Heat Man, but that does no good for the Blue Bomber. Mega Man then uses the Leaf Shield, as it seemed to work on defeating Bubble Man, but that does not work either, as Heat Man burns the Leaf Shield. Mega Man finally uses the Bubble Lead Master Weapon to defeat Heat Man. Mega Man then copies Heat Man's Atomic Fire Master Weapon. Although defeated, Heat Man tells Mega Man to say "Hi" to the next Robot Master ahead for Mega Man to face, that being Crash Man. However, Mega Man then shoots Heat Man in the face, most likely because of the Wily Trojan Virus inserted into Mega Man after coping Heat Man's power. (MM #009, #010)

Spiritus Ex Machina

MM 16 Robot Army

Wily's army stand ready.

With Mega Man defeating Dr. Wily's endgame in hand, Dr. Wily escaped to the Amazon Jungle during the course of the Spiritus Ex Machina story arc, where he would confront the Lanfront Ruins and the dark secret inside the said ruins: Ra Moon. However, Ra Moon would quickly steal Dr. Wily's laptop and scan all of the details within it. This then causes Ra Moon to rebuild Dr. Wily's original line of Robot Masters. Heat Man was given the memory and same integrated chip data as he had during the The Return of Dr. Wily event, but the other Robot Masters with Heat Man's line had the same side-effects as Heat Man, as well. Quick Man and Heat Man where among with Dr. Wily when the scientist decided to explore the Lanfront Ruins deeper, where they found a mysterious robot that appeared to be offline. Of course, this robot and a next line of Robot Masters–that included Magnet Man, Needle Man, Snake Man, Top Man, Hard Man, Gemini Man, and Spark Man–where created by Ra Moon (with the exclusion of Shadow Man, in which he was simply revived). (MM #013, #014, #015, #016)

Worlds Collide

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WWC Villains Collide

Eggman and Wily discussing how they have so much in common.

While on patrol around the Amazon Jungle, Flash Man had found a blue mysterious emerald that he thought Dr. Wily could have used for something. However, Ra Moon mentioned the energy of the gem was powerful, giving a bit a curiosity to Wily as the scientist had scanned the gem. However, in another dimension, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik had decided to scan for his missing blue Chaos Emerald. Thus, Eggman and Wily had met each other, but Eggman berated Wily for stealing his Chaos Emerald and pirating his signal, while Wily declares that since he is the greatest evil genius on Earth, he should keep the emerald. This then made Eggman realize that Wily is from another dimension, and Eggman explained to Wily that both of their worlds are different dimensions, but have numerous similarities. This included a blue upstart that stops both of the scientist's plans. The two then realize that they both have numerous things in common, and that Dr. Eggman tells Dr. Wily to generate a new zone with the Chaos Emerald to have to two meet each other in person. (WC #01)

WWC Diabolical Army

Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman commanding their forces.

After Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily had met each other, they both reset their respective worlds with the Genesis Wave. Because of this, the world of Mega Man skipped years from its current timeline, resulting Dr. Wily to remember every Robot Master he's either built or modified from other doctors. Heat Man was among the many Robot Masters that Dr. Wily had revived, as Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman sent all of the Robot Masters (excluding the original Robot Masters) to take down Mega Man, Proto Man, Rush, and Sonic the Hedgehog with his friends. With Super Armor Mega Man restoring the timeline while Super Sonic distracted Eggman from stopping the heroes to restoring their worlds, Heat Man and the Robot Masters have no reconnection to these memories. (WC #01, #08, #09, #010, #11, #12)



Having somewhat of a humanoid shape, Heat Man's body shape is similar to a Zippo lighter. His color scheme is mostly yellow and red, and Heat Man has a dial on his back that can regulate his flame temperature, something he was not aware of until he was revived by Ra Moon.


Heat Man's personality is almost the polar opposite to his predecessor model, Fire Man. While Fire Man has a passionate sense of truth, Heat Man is mostly lethargic due to his extreme heat. Heat Man enjoys barbecues, but he is not a fan of ice cream, considering he can't even eat it due to his extreme heat and the fact he can't enjoy it.


Atomic Fire

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Atomic Fire Heat Man

Heat Man using the Atomic Fire.

Heat Man's Master Weapon, the Atomic Fire, is an exclusive move used by Heat Man to shoot out large balls of fire at opponents, and even, if the user charges the Atomic Fire shot, can shoot out a bigger fireball. Mega Man can use this Master Weapon, as it works the exact same way as how Heat Man uses the Atomic Fire. Heat Man also has the ability to raise up his heat temperatures to 21,000° F, five times hotter than his predecessor, Fire Man, can go up for. Heat Man can shoot himself to opponents while being surrounded by fire.