Magnet Beam
Magnet Beam 01
Mega Man using the Magnet Beam.
First appearance

Mega Man #3


A gadget that creates platforms that last for a limited time.

Magnet Beam is Rock's personal weapon made by Dr. Light in the Mega Man comic series.


The Magnet Beam allows Mega Man to materialize platforms for a limited amount of time in order to access unreachable areas. This is especially useful in areas with no platforms to walk on, as the Magnet Beam helps Mega Man traverse them.


Dr. Light had created the weapon during Rock's mission to defeat the six Robot Masters. After learning that he had not changed his ways due to an overabundance of power, Dr. Light gave Rock the Magnet Beam. The Magnet Beam was used only once during the comics; after escaping the six Robot Masters, Mega Man found himself stuck, as the ground was covered with spikes. He then remembered that he had the Magnet Beam, and quickly used it to cross the spiky surface. (MM #3, #4)