Quotation1-1- I'm not embarrassed, Dr. Wily. I have a creator that cares for me and does all he can to support me. I have a sister who loves me and forgave me for being stupid. You had to steal Dr. Light's robots to get attention. Even though you reprogrammed them, you couldn't stop a "lackey" like me. So which one of us should really be embarrassed, Doctor Wily? Quotation2-1-
Mega Man, Mega Man #004
Rock "Mega Man" Light

Mega Man
Mega Man, from Worlds Collide #01.

Rock Light
Rock Light, from Mega Man #001.

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Dr. Thomas Light


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Rock Light, better known by his alias Mega Man or by his serial number DLN-001, is a fictional character that appears in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. The main protagonist of the comic series, Rock is one of the three "children" of Doctor Thomas Light, the other two being Blues "Proto Man" Light and Roll Light.

First appearing in the Mega Man #001, Rock Light was meant to be a helper to Dr. Light to created the Robot Masters. However, when Dr. Light's co-partner, Doctor Albert Wily, reprogrammed the Light Robot Masters to take over Mega City and eventually, the world, Rock had selflessly sacrifice himself into Mega Man to stop Dr. Wily and return the Robot Masters to Light Labs. However, as more conflicts arose, such as Dr. Wily's escape to the Amazon Jungle and the Emerald Spears, Mega Man has became the protector of the world, and has made it his job to proclaim everlasting peace on Earth.


Early Life

Rock Light and his sister, Roll Light, were created by Dr. Thomas Light after their older brother Blues Light had ran away from home. Both Rock and Roll were built to assist Dr. Light at Light Labs, whether it be everyday tasks or building robots.

Let the Games Begin

MM 001 In The Year 200X

Rock and Roll helping Dr. Light prior to the unveiling.

In the year 200X, at the Titanium Park in Mega City, Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light are preparing for a unveiling of the Light Robot MastersCut Man, Guts Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Fire Man, and Ice Man. However, Dr. Light's co-worker, Dr. Albert Wily, came in to check up on Light and, after Rock and Roll tried to help Wily in any way they could, asked the doctor on whether [Doctor Wily] would get any recognition as Dr. Light presents the Robot Masters. Dr. Light disagrees because of an "unethical robotics experiment" that Dr. Wily had made that apparently would cause controversy for Light Labs supporting negative influences. An agitated Wily immaturely states that he "forgot that 'Light' Makes 'Right,'" but Dr. Light reminds Wily that both of them worked together in the university and that Wily can eventually fix his mistakes. With this, Wily and Light agree for now and Dr. Light goes on the stage and presents his Robot Masters to the public while on live air. However, when Ripot, a member of The B&C Gazette, asks Dr. Light concerning about robots made for battle and war created by Dr. Light, the scientist, adamant, confirms that the days of making war craft robots have been stepped aside. After this was said, Dr. Wily had left the unveiling, disappointed at those words. Part One - Trouble Get!

MM 001 I'll Do It

Rock declares his selfless sacrifice on defeating Dr. Wily.

Later that night, the Light family are preparing to go to bed, as Rock and Roll help put up Light's clothes, but Roll brings up the moment earlier that day when Dr. Light was a bit furious at Ripot's question on robotic warfare. Dr. Light explains that violence, in his beliefs, should be the last resort to any situation, and that his creations on warfare robots just to make Light Labs known, as well as earn money needed for supplies, was a bit skeptical on his part, but he promises to Rock and Roll that he will never go back into robotic warfare. Unbeknownst to them, as the Light family prepare to go to bed, Dr. Wily had sneaked inside Light Labs and had made some "modifications" to each of the Light Robot Masters, making the Robot Masters under his control. The next morning, Roll alarms Dr. Light and tells the scientist that the Robot Masters are no where to be seen and have apparently escaped. Rock then turns on the television, where news coverage of the Light Robot Masters is broadcasting live. The news coverage states that police and other forces are no match against the Robot Masters and that violence and chaos is spread across Mega City. Suddenly, Dr. Wily hacks into the television broadcast and declares his strike-out against the world with the Robot Masters. He simply demands each of the world leaders to resign and for him to become the supreme emperor, so to speak, of Earth. Horrified, Dr. Light asks Rock to turn off the television, as Dr. Light and Roll are weeping at this monstrosity. As Roll asks whether anyone can stop the Robot Masters, Dr. Light doubts anything can defeat this violent act of Wily's. After a few seconds of weeping, Rock selflessly states that "he'll do it" and that he will stop Dr. Wily no matter what. Dr. Light and Roll, both shocked and thankful for Rock's actions, immediately head towards the laboratory to upgrade Rock with the best armor Light has, a Copy Chip to essentially use the enemy's weapon, and a Mega Buster to shoot at his foes. After being upgraded, Rock declares that, since he has a Mega Buster, he decides to take on the alias of Mega Man. Part One - Trouble Get!

MM 002 Mysterious Soldiers

Mega Man noticing the two soldiers that were eaves dropping on the robot.

And so, Mega Man was teleported in war-torn Mega City. Rock is horrified at the city's destruction and contacts Dr. Light and asks him which Robot Master Rock needs to face first. Dr. Light tells Mega Man that Bomb Man is the closest Robot Master, logically making Bomb Man Mega Man's first target. Unbeknownst to Mega Man though, two soldiers are hiding and eavesdropping on Mega Man. Mega Man asks Dr. Light why [Light] couldn't build a Robot Master such as "Origami Man," but Light tells Rock that the Robot Masters were meant to help people, not hurt them. Having heard Mega Man, the two soldiers quarrel with each other, as one believes that Mega Man is going to fight the Robot Masters, while the other one disbelieves Mega Man's true actions. Mega Man admits that he doesn't mean to complain at Dr. Light, and the scientist believes in his son, and that Dr. Light will be online contacting Mega Man throughout his journey. Mega Man declares that he will bring everlasting peace to Mega City and return the Robot Masters back. The two soldiers yell at each other for the same reason as earlier, which catches Mega Man's attention. Mega Man startles the two soldiers as he attempts to shake their hands, but Mega Man moves onward after accidentally scaring the soldiers. (MM #002)

MM 002 Bomb Death

Mega Man defeating Bomb Man.

Mega Man then encounters reprogrammed-Flea robots, in which causes the Blue Bomber some trouble shooting the robots via Mega Buster. Dr. Light tells Mega Man that Rock is going to have to fight his own kind but Rock is ambushed by a Sniper Joe robot. Dr. Light is shocked and questions if the robot is someone named "Blues." However, Dr. Light realizes it is just a Sniper Joe, but Roll asks Dr. Light who Blues is. Dr. Light simply tells her that he's not "important right now," and that helping their brother is the major concern at the moment. And so, Mega Man avoids the Sniper Joe and is transported to a excavation site, the location Bomb Man is located. Bomb Man, sitting on a ruined construction vehicle, is impressed with Mega Man's entrance, but he is displeased that the Blue Bomber didn't enter with a bang. With this, Bomb Man uses his Hyper Bomb Master Weapons to attack Mega Man. Mega Man pleads to stop Bomb Man's terror, but the Robot Master rejects the offer and states that the fight is actually a massacre. Seeing how Bomb Man will stop at nothing to destroy Mega Man, the Blue Bomber decides to fire pullets from his Mega Buster at the Robot Master. With this, Bomb Man is defeated and Mega Man, horrified at what he's done, apologizes to the deceased robot. Dr. Light then tells Mega Man to copy Bomb Man's Master Weapon via Copy Chip, and Rock does so. With this, Mega Man had acquired the Hyper Bomb, and asks Dr. Light if he can throw bombs like Bomb Man. Dr. Light agrees, but he states that only one weapon may be used at a time, meaning if Mega Man uses the Hyper Bomb or any Master Weapon, he cannot use his Mega Buster. Mega Man then sadly states that his Mega Buster if enough, but Dr. Light conforms his son by wishing their was another way. Regardless, Dr. Light promises Mega Man that he will reprogram the Robot Masters and fix them up back to normal. A slight-conformed Mega Man is then transported to a quarry, where he will encounter Guts Man. (MM #002)

MM 002 Guts Death

Mega Man, in his Hyper Bomb form, destroys Guts Man.

Mega Man is then transported to a quarry, where Dr. Light explains that he is able to track down the Robot Master's set location. Mega Man then touches a Mettaur after mistaking it for a hard helmet, and the Mettaur begins to attack Mega Man. Several Bunby Top DX robots begin to ambush Mega Man, but the Blue Bomber then trips on the same Mettaur. Mega Man questions to Dr. Light why [Dr. Light] would make robot heads while shooting Bunby Top DX robots but Light responds by saying the Mettaur robots can be attached or modified to other robots. Suddenly, Mega Man sees a human on a quarry and heads up towards to tell the human to leave immediately. Rock realizes that the human is actually a Pickel Man robot. Rock asks Dr. Light if the robots suddenly attacking [Rock] has anything to do with Dr. Wily, and Dr. Light agrees. Mega Man is horrified at shooting at the robots, but Dr. Light states that the robots can be easily rebuilted or replaced. Mega Man responds that it is still terrible to do this, but when Mega Man goes through a tunnel, in which he suspects that Guts Man is inside, he loses signal of Dr. Light, thus making Mega Man blindsided on the forthcoming fight. Guts Man is overly-cocky on him winning the fight between him and Mega Man. After some brief smack talk, Guts Man jumps and smashes on the ground, trying to crush Mega Man. Mega Man threatens to Guts Man on not hurting him, but Guts Man is hardly taking damage with "puny" lasers from Rock's Mega Buster. Mega Man then gets the idea of using the Hyper Bomb to shut off Guts Man. Mega Man transforms his attire to the green-and-white Hyper Bomb suit and, with just a bomb, Guts Man is defeated after colliding with a bomb. After moving outside of the tunnel, Dr. Light contacts Mega Man and asks the Blue Bomber if Guts Man was defeated. Rock agrees, and he copies Guts Man's weapon, the Super Arm. Mega Man, in a uncaring nature, wants to face Cut Man next just to get this fight over with. (MM #002)

Time Keeps Slipping


Being modeled after an eight year old child, Rock has an innocent and ecstatic nature, much like a young boy. A pacifist inspired by Dr. Light's principles of values, Rock knows the right and wrong and has a mighty sense of justice. He does not like violence, but he will stand against violence just to protect anyone in danger. He has attempted to solve conflicts with words rather than violence, such as his attempt to stop the fighting between the reprogrammed-Light Robot Masters seen in Mega Man #004. Most of the time, however, it is at the least bit of successful. However, Rock has trouble fighting his own kind due to his peacful nature. An example is seen when Rock was forced to destroy a Sniper Joe in Mega Man #005, as he quotes "I'm sorry." just before he shoots the Sniper Joe.

Mega Man, however, does not have a free-will, despite his human-appearance that can easily fool others around that he is a human. Rock is still a robot, and he must obey the rules of a robot, known as Issac's Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics". Following with the programming inside Mega Man, Rock cannot go against his coding.

The Master Weapons Mega Man absorbs can tend to cause him to get over-confident and cocky on his powers, as shown through Mega Man #003. To not have this happen once again, Mega Man wishes to have all of the data he copied from his adventure uninstalled when the adventure is over. Rock Light and Mega Man are the same character, but however, to avoid confusion, Rock Light is used for when he is normal and not fighting robots, whereas Mega Man is used only during confrontations. However, because they are so close to him as family, Dr. Light, Roll Light, and Auto will refer to Mega Man as Rock even when the Blue Bomber is equipped with his blue armor.