Mega Man Killers
"MKN Line"
Mega Man Killers
The Mega Man Killers, from Worlds Collide #10.
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Elite Robot Masters

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Revived during Worlds Collide, currently destroyed.

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The Mega Man Killers, or known by their serial number MKN, are an advanced line of Robot Masters created by Doctor Albert Wily that appears in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. Consisting of Enker, Punk, and Ballade, each of the Mega Man Killers were sole purposely created to destroy Mega Man. The Mega Man Killers first appeared in the comic series briefly in Mega Man #20, and later on during the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comic crossover, Worlds Collide. However, despite their appearances, the Mega Man Killers have yet to be formally introduced in the comic series as of this time.


Rock of Ages

The Mega Man Killers briefly appeared in Mega Man #20 during the Rock of Ages story. Because of the story revolving around Mega Man traveling through time, most of the characters shown in the story had a cameo and were not introduced within the comic series properly. In the story, the Mega Man Killers–Enker, Punk, and Ballade–along with the Genesis UnitBuster Rod G, Hyper Storm H, and Mega Water S–were with Dr. Wily and a destroyed Time Man inside the Chronos Institute where Wily had took control of the Time Skipper. However, Mega Man had entered inside the Chronos Institute to stop Dr. Wily. Wily then decides to send out the Genesis Unit to stop Mega Man, making Enker questioning Wily's actions on not sending the Mega Man Killers. Wily replies to Enker that the Mega Man Killers are for Wily's last defense in case the Genesis Unit fails. (MM #20)

Worlds Collide

At some point in the rewritten reality of the Earth in the year 20XX, created due to the Genesis Wave, the Mega Man Killers were utterly destroyed by Mega Man. However, by using the time-space altering properties of the Genesis Wave, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily were able to revive the Mega Man Killers. (WC #1, #10)

Upon Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Rush accessing the Wily Egg and entering inside, Sonic and Mega Man were telling each other about the Wily Egg reminds them more of there respective final-zone areas. Suddenly, Sonic notices guards blocking their way, and Mega Man recognizes the guards as the Mega Man Killers. The heroes then begin the fight the Mega Man Killers, as Sonic took on Punk; Tails and Rush fought against Enker; and Mega Man took care of Ballade. Mega Man tries to make Ballade hesitate and remember the Robot Master's sacrifice on him (from Mega Man IV), but Ballade has no connection to those memories. Mega Man then remembers that the Skull Egg Zone can mess with the time-space control, and the two continue to fight. Sonic is able to make Punk accidentally destroy Enker via from Punk trying to destroy Sonic, as Rush and Mega Man take on Punk, which destroy the Robot Master as well. However, Sonic hits Ballade, right before the Robot Master sends out a Ballade Cracker to harm Tails brutally. Mega Man then destroys Ballade after Sonic checks up on Tails. At this time, the Mega Man Killers are destroyed. (WC #10)



Main article: Enker

Enker, or known by his serial number MKN-001, is the leader of the Mega Man Killers. Enker's Master Weapon is the Mirror Buster, in which he can take in projectiles in his bow and, in turn, fire them back all at once. Enker's name is based off of the musical term enka.


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Punk, or known by his serial number MKN-002, is a member and the brute of the Mega Man Killers. Punk's Master Weapon is the Screw Crusher, in which he can shot projectiles at enemies. Punk can also turn into a spiked ball and roll around/launch himself towards any enemies. Punk's name is based off of the musical term punk.


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Ballade, or known by his serial number MKN-003, is a member and the stealth type of the Mega Man Killers. Ballade's Master Weapon is the Ballade Cracker, which can shoot explosive mini-bombs at opponents similar to fire crackers. Ballade's name is based off of the musical term ballade.