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Needle Man is one of the Robot Masters created by Dr. Wily with the help of Ra Moon in the Mega Man (comic series).


Needle Man is a Robot Master that originally appeared in Mega Man 3. He has a large set of needles on his head, hence his name. He is mostly blue with a red circle on his chest.


Spiritus ex Machina

Needle Man was created through Ra Moon soon after Magnet Man, having been created help with the heavy lifting. This proved to be a setback since he was created without hands, being Crash Man, another handless robot masters, states this irony. Needle Man and the rest of Mega Man's world would soon be enveloped in white...

Worlds Collide

While on patrol around the Amazon Jungle, Flash Man had found a blue mysterious emerald that he thought Dr. Wily could have used for something. However, Ra Moon mentioned the energy of the gem was powerful, giving a bit a curiosity to Wily as the scientist had scanned the gem. However, in another dimension, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik had decided to scan for his missing blue Chaos Emerald. Thus, Eggman and Wily had met each other, but Eggman berated Wily for stealing his Chaos Emerald and pirating his signal, while Wily declares that since he is the greatest evil genius on Earth, he should keep the emerald. This then made Eggman realize that Wily is from another dimension, and Eggman explained to Wily that both of their worlds are different dimensions, but have numerous similarities. This included a blue upstart that stops both of the scientist's plans. The two then realize that they both have numerous things in common, and that Dr. Eggman tells Dr. Wily to generate a new zone with the Chaos Emerald to have to two meet each other in person. After Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily had met each other, they both reset their respective worlds with the Genesis Wave. Because of this, the world of Mega Man skipped years from its current timeline, resulting Dr. Wily to remember every Robot Master he's either built or modified from other doctors. Needle Man was among the many Robot Masters that Dr. Wily had revived, as Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman sent all of the Robot Masters (excluding the original Robot Masters) to take down Mega Man, Proto Man, Rush, and Sonic the Hedgehog with his friends. With Super Armor Mega Man restoring the timeline while Super Sonic distracted Eggman from stopping the heroes to restoring their worlds, Quick Man and the Robot Masters have no reconnection to these memories.

Blackout:Curse of Ra Moon

The supercomputer Ra moon, who has been helping Wily, betrays him an initiates a world-wide blackout and its getting stronger that if Ra Moon isn't stopped the field could kill even human. Needle Man and his line since they have been built from scratch by Ra Moon is under his control. Needle and Snake are sent out to intercept Mega Man's crew in Break Man's tunnel. Needle cable ends up being trapped in between two boulders thus being unable to move, but before he could be warned is taken control by Ra Moon, as Snake Man continues the attack alone. After the destruction of Ra Moon, Needle Man is brought back to his primary functions.

Legends of the Blue Bomber

Afterwards, Needle Man and the other's of his line, alongside Break Man chased and hunted down the rogue Shadow Man, who had left after his master Ra Moon's destruction, and managed to convince to join their band of "brothers". With all eight Robot Masters now officially on Wily's side, they were secretly commanded by Wily to steal the Energy Elements which power's the peacekeeper robot Gamma, under the guise they were still loyal to Ra Moon to allow the doctor to keep face. With each taking one element, they spread out with Needle being one of the half of his lien to stay on earth, hiding out in a dockyard. However, at this point it is clear Needle Man no longer likes Dr. Wily and has become rather sour about his forced servitude. While knitting a crocheting a sweater, which reads the World's Worst Boss with Wily's face on it, Mega Man, alongside Rush, arrives. Soon after a brief sarcastic comment on whether he is busy, they fight and it's clear that Needle Man feels as though robot's are tools and nobody cares about what they want, which surprises Mega Man. In the end, he is defeated after Mega Man uses the Gemini Laser, while Rush snags his Needle Hammer. Needle Man has no regrets and asks Mega Man to finish the job, which the Blue Bomber reluctantly agrees and shoot him one last time.


Needle Man, at this point, has grown an incredibly sour, rather pessimistic attitude during his serving of his creator Dr. Wily and has a rather spiteful philosophy on how he and the other robots are merely tools to serve human's and thus have no freedom. Although he is loyal, but's that's mainly due to his programming, it is cleared he dislikes or rather hates Dr. Wily. Aside from that Needle Man is a rather sarcastic, as show during his pre-battle speech with Mega Man and has quite a temper, show when Mega Man didn't seem to get that he was being sarcastic. Ironically, enough Needle Man seems to have a fear of needles himself.