Origami Man
Origami Man
Real-world designer(s)

Ryan Jampole

Biographical overview

Dr. Wily

Origami Man is a rejected Robot Master that has appeared on the Short Circuits section in the Mega Man comics.


Origami Man first appeared in the Short Circuits segment on Mega Man #17, as one of Dr. Wily's failed Robot Masters. It is obviously based off of the Japanese folding-paper art known as Origami.


  • This is the second Robot Master that is exclusive to the Archie Comics, the first one being Quake Woman.
    • However, this Robot Master never appeared in the actual comics, but canonically in Short Circuits.
  • Hypothetically, Rock mentioned Origami Man in Mega Man #2, asking Dr. Light why couldn't he create a Robot Master like "Origami Man" or "Pillow Man."