Blues "Proto Man" Light
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Blues, the Proto-Type.
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Thomas Light and Albert Wily

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Blues Light, known by his alias as Proto Man, is the first creation of the combined efforts of Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily and the brother of Rock and Roll in the Mega Man comic series. Originally appearing in Mega Man 3, Blues' first appearance was in Mega Man #8, but he was first mentioned in Mega Man #3.

Created to fund Light Labs expenses, Blues was taken as Dr. Light's own "son." However, after a outage on his power core, Blues was forced to be fixed, which could have risked his current state, including his personality. Scared at this, Blues abandoned Dr. Light and went off to find his true purpose in life. Eventually, he fought of his past transgressions and went back to Light Labs, only to find Dr. Light have two children on his own: Rock and Roll. Upon this, he had went to Dr. Wily and took a new alias, but not as Proto Man, but as Break Man.


The Proto Type

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