Quick Boomerang

Quick Boomerang Quick Man
Quick Man using the Quick Boomerang on Mega Man, from Mega Man #9.

Quick Boomerang Mega Man
Mega Man using the Quick Boomerang on the Mecha Dragon, from Mega Man #12.

First appearance

Mega Man #9


Quick Boomerang is a Master Weapon usable exclusively to Quick Man that appears in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. Quick Boomerang allows the user to throw sharp, boomerangs at their opponent(s) at an instant second, hence its name. Although it is Quick Man's exclusive Master Weapon, Mega Man can also use the Quick Boomerang Master Weapon for his own usage if Mega Man copies the Master Weapon with his Copy Chip from the Robot Master.

When Mega Man uses this move, his regular blue color scheme is switch to a purple and white color attire. The Quick Boomerang is the only offensive move Quick Man uses other than his speed.