Ra Moon
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Ra Moon is a supercomputer who has an unknown and mysterious origin in the Mega Man comic series.


Ra Moon was located in the Lanfront Ruins somewhere in the Amazon rainforest. After being defeated by Mega Man and the eight villain-turned-hero Robot Masters at the second Wily Castle, Dr. Wily came to the Lanfront Ruins and found Ra Moon.

This machine has the ability to create robots within a flash. It is responsible for creating the Robot Masters that appeared in Mega Man 3, with the exception of Shadow Man, who was made by an anonymous person. (MM #13, #14, #15, #16, #20)

After the events of Worlds Collide, Ra Moon betrays Dr. Wily and uses its cables to reveal its plans and its past. After Wily ran away to the Lanfront Ruins in fear, Ra Moon expands its electromagnetic pulse and disables all machines on the planet (except for the ones it created and repaired), causing several disasters. (MM #28)

Two weeks later, Break Man teleported into Ra Moon's chamber, and the supercomputer attempted to kill him, forcing the masked Robot Master to flee. Later, Mega Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, Bomb Man and some of the Robot Masters that were revived discovered that the eight Robot Masters that were built from scratch could be controlled by Ra Moon, forcing them to call a truce until Ra Moon was defeated. After dealing with Shadow Man, Needle Man, Snake Man and Gemini Man. The group managed to get to Ra Moon's chamber. There, Ra Moon summoned the MM3 Robot Masters to destroy them all. Dr. Wily attempted to weaken Ra Moon by sending Ra Thor, but Ra Moon was easily able to take control of the new Robot Master, due to it being built from the supercomputer's technology. Ra Moon then removes the EMP immunity from the MM2 Robot Masters, leaving Mega Man and the rest of Light's Robot Masters to deal with Ra Thor, Magnet Man, Hard Man, Top Man and Spark Man. Losing his temper, Mega Man uses a barrage of Special Weapons to destroy Ra Thor. Ra Moon then reveals that used the blueprints of the Yellow Devil to create his own version, the Ra Devil, and brings him out into the battle. After learning from his nemesis Wily that Ra Moon is directly powering the Ra Devil, Mega Man uses two Mega Busters to shoot Ra Moon, ending it's EM wave, dissolving Ra Devil, and freeing the MM3 Robot Masters from it's control. Defeated and shutting down, Ra Moon sends a final message to it's "children", the Stardroids, to avenge it. (MM #29, #30, #31, #32)