Rolling Cutter

Rolling Cutter 01

Rolling Cutter Data

Mega Man using the Rolling Cutter.
First appearance

Mega Man #2


To be thrown like boomerangs to destroy foes.

Rolling Cutter is Cut Man's Master Weapon in the Mega Man comic series. The Rolling Cutter is a weapon that transforms Rock into a gray attire. This gives him the ability to throw a large pair of scissors like boomerangs to destroy foes. This item is very useful during long range attacks.


Rock had absorbed the Rolling Cutter after defeating Cut Man via Super Arm. Once being teleported to Elec Man's base, Rock used the Rolling Cutter to defeat him. Rock would use the Rolling Cutter again later when he has a tantrum of how Dr. Light puts him in a forcefield after Rock began to become cocky after defeating the Robot Masters. He would use the Rolling Cutter later on to try and defeat Dr. Wily's last-minute getaway. (MM #2, #3, #4)