Shadow Man
Shadow Man MM
Shadow Man standing beneath Ra Moon.
Biographical overview

Unknown, found by Dr. Wily and revived by Ra Moon.


Unknown, revived by Ra Moon.

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Shadow Man is a Robot Master found by Dr. Wily and revived by Ra Moon in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. He appears in the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comic crossover event, Worlds Collide, which he was revived once again thanks to the weird time-space rules in the Skull Egg Zone.


Spiritus Ex Machina

Shadow Man was first found deactivated in the Lanfront Ruins, being found by Dr. Wily, Heat Man, and Quick Man. With that he was reactivated and was made an addition of Wily's growing robot army. (MM #14)

Worlds Collide

Ever since Eggman and Wily's plans shifted due to the Chaotix getting de-roboticized the two doctors decided to time-clone this Shadow Man and team him up with the other Shadow Man to battle Sonic and Mega Man. They confront the two blue heroes and do battle, though the heroes were briefly confused about their names, they managed to turn Shadow back to normal, who in turns destroys Shadow Man. Shadow Man was tiem-cloned again as a part of Wily's Robot Master Army, in which he bowed to Espio, who bowed as well, realizing both was a fellow ninja. (StH #249), (Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 250|StH #250) After the Super Genesis Wave, Mega Man's world was restored to normal, and every damage prior to the crossover was undone, however Shadow Man and all those of Mega Man's world have no recollection of these events.

Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon

After the crossover, Wily prepares for Ra Moon to initiate their plan, however, the supercomputer reveals his origin, and his plan to eradicate human and robot (if they are not loyal to it) through an EMP field. Ra Moon then send Wily running deeper into the ruins, and prevents him from calling his Robot Masters. Mega Man, Rush, and a handful of Light's Robot Masters, head over to the Amazon. Shadow Man and Quick Man observe their movements, until the last wave of Wily's first line of robots call a truce with Mega Man when its revealed robots and humans alike are dying and Quick Man questions this. Shadow Man then reveals his true allegiance, and goes on the attack, backstabbing Quick Man with a kunai, knocking down the rest of the first wave and Guts Man, and at one point simultaneously catching a Rolling Cutter and a Metal Blade at once, it's only until he is hit with a Crash Bomb copied from Mega Man is he then forced to retreat back to Ra Moon. Shadow Man reappears with the new Robot Masters, all mind cotnrolled by Ra Moon, and they attack the combined forces of Mega Mans' crew, Break Man, and all eight of Wily's first line, and for a brief moment Ra Thor until Ra Moon gets control of it as well. During a fight with Flash Man, Shadow Man is stopped by his Time Stopper, allowing Mega Man to copy his Shadow Blade. After the destruction of Ra Moon, Shadow Man is seen running from the First Series Wily Bots.(MM 30) (MM 31) (MM#33)


  • There is also another Shadow Man that appears in the Worlds Collide comic crossover.