Sniper Joe
Sniper Joe 01
The commonly used form of Sniper Joe.
Alignment and character traits


Sniper Joe is a series of robots created by Dr. Light. They would be the model for Proto Man.


Sniper Joe 02

A yellow model of Sniper Joe.

The most basic Sniper Joe model is green, but all of the Sniper Joe models have the same body model. Each model has a red eye, with a shield colored exactly the same as their basis color. They have black arms and legs, and have a gray belt. They have a weapon similar to a Mega Buster on their right arm.


Right before facing Bomb Man, Rock had been facing several Flea robots and was ambushed by a green Sniper Joe. Dr. Light had yelled out "Blues" at the robot's first appearance to him. This however turned out to be false, and Roll had asked Dr. Light what he meant. Of course, Dr. Light told her to forget about it. (MM #2)