Special Weapons are special combat devices belonging to the Robot Masters in the Mega Man comic series. Each weapon was assigned to a different Robot Master when Dr. Light and Dr. Wily first created them. However, Mega Man is able to obtain the weapons and use them for himself by copying the weapon data of the Robot Masters.

Each weapon matches the theme of the Robot Master it belongs to. For example, Fire Man owns a fire-based weapon called Fire Storm. Additionally, each robot is weak to a particular weapon; Fire Man, for instance, is especially vulnerable to Ice Man's Ice Slasher. This gives Mega Man an advantage when he utilizes the weapons himself to defeat the Robot Masters.

List of Special Weapons and their respective owners

Weapon Robot Description
Acoustic Blaster Vector Man
Air Shooter Air Man
Atomic Fire Heat Man
Black Wave Rouge Woman
Bubble Lead Bubble Man
Chaos Cannon Shadow Man
(Shadow the Hedgehog)
Chroma Camo Espio Man
Crash Bomber Crash Man
Fire Storm Fire Man
Fire Tornado Blaze Woman
Gemini Laser Gemini Man
Hyper Bomb Bomb Man
Ice Slasher Ice Man
Leaf Shield Wood Man
Magnet Beam Mega Man (Rock)
Metal Blade Metal Man
Needle Cannon Needle Man
Oil Slider Oil Man
Pharaoh Shot Pharaoh Man
Piko Hammer Rose Woman
Psycho Burst Silver Man
Quake Drill Quake Woman
Quick Boomerang Quick Man
Rapid Stinger Charmy Man
Rolling Cutter Cut Man
Search Snake Snake Man
Shadow Blade Shadow Man
Sharp Knuckle Knuckles Man
Spark Shock Spark Man
Super Arm Guts Man
Tail Wind Tails Man
Thunder Beam Elec Man
Time Slow Time Man
Time Stopper Flash Man
Top Spin Top Man
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